Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Virtual manipulative materials

Virtual manipulative materials (VMMs) in general education and in teaching mathematics in elementary school in particular, have had many good research results from education researchers around the world including the United States, France, Canada, South Korea, and China.

Set up LaTeX on Computers

LaTeX is a quite special typesetting program. I often use it to create notes for my classes. It was evaluated better than any text processing program using mathematical notations. LaTeX is used by the publishers of the journals in science and mathematics, as well as in many books. The disadvantage of LaTeX is that you must know the commands and handling errors encountered.

Analysis subject, infinitesimal quantities and problems in high schools

Analysis subject in mathematics curriculum books at high school in Vietnam related more to the infinitesimal quantities. These knowledge are always hard for students to understand. Teachers often have difficulty to: